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The Four Gifts of Love® Online Institute


This site is dedicated to helping couples have an awesome marriage by educating couples, pastors, and marriage counselors about the time-tested concepts and philosophy originated by Dr. Willard F. Harley Jr. For more information about these concepts, please read Dr. Harley's "Summary of Basic Concepts".

We encourage you to download the free Four Gifts of Love® MOBILE APPS, take the Level One online COURSE to become familiar with the concepts, read the ARTICLES, and watch the VIDEOS. This site is for YOU! Simply create an account by clicking Log In.

Regarding the online classes, there are different levels of education provided:

  • Level One (L1) classes are designed for those who are new to Dr. Harley's concepts. These classes require about 30 minutes to complete each lesson. (FREE, but a donation is welcomed)
  • Level Two (L2) classes are designed for those who have participated in a Level One class or have existing knowledge of Dr. Harley's concepts.  These classes require about 1 hour to complete each lesson. They are currently in Beta stage, but should be available soon.
  • Level Three (L3) classes are designed for educators who want to facilitate the Four Gifts of Love® Class to help married or engaged couples using a group setting or with an individual couple. 


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We also have an 8-session, face-to-face group format for the Four Gifts of Love® Class. Go to About/Four Gifts of Love Class for more information. The online-format class is being developed and will be coming soon!

We will be continually adding to our educational opportunities, so we encourage you to follow us on Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram for the latest updates and subscribe to our Four Gifts of Love® channel on YouTube.

Thank you for visiting the Four Gifts of Love® Online Institute and please look around the site to see our resources.

Jennifer Harley Chalmers