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What is the Four Gifts of Love® Class?

It’s a FOUNDATION for helping couples create and sustain a lifestyle that results in ROMANTIC LOVE in marriage and PASSION for God.

Why TWO relationships? Because we believe these two relationships IMPACT a person’s life the most! (Note: If you do not adhere to the beliefs presented in the faith-based material, those assignments may be skipped and you can complete the assignments related only to your marriage relationship.)


Sample Video Session

The following is a video session (Session 4) from the 7-lesson Four Gifts of Love® Class (group-format) for you to sample (Note: all video sessions have a closed-caption option):

Lesson Overview

The seven lessons build upon each other—creating a strong knowledge base and helping couples integrate that knowledge into their daily lives. Here’s a review of each building block that REVIEWS the following topics:

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7 a BONUS, after completing the 7 lessons, couples can complete the FGL Booster Series (4 assignments) to help "boost" the Four Gifts of Love® knowledge and review the concepts. Booster 1: Negotiation Review; Booster 2: Feedback Time; Care, Booster 3: Feedback Time, Protection; and Booster 4: Legacy.

What is NEEDed for the group-format class?

  • Four Gifts of Love® Participant’s Guide, one per person (see Book Store). In this guide, students will learn about how to give and receive the gifts of care, protection, honesty, and time to their spouse and to God.
  • About 2-3 hours of homework for each lesson (individual and couple assignments)
  • A facilitator couple that uses the Four Gifts of Love® Class Facilitator’s Guide and presents the Four Gifts of Love® Class Companion Video.  
  • About 2 months to complete eight, 1-hour, weekly-group sessions to watch the Four Gifts of Love® Companion Video; and no worries...couples are not required or even encouraged to share private-couple information in the group). The group sessions offer a helpful part of the learning process because they provide encouragement, review of assignment and quiz answers, and concept reviews.

How do I JOIN a class?

  • The ONLINE VERSION is currently being developed and will hopefully be available April 2020.
  • For the group format version, we are attempting to add more Registered FGL Class Facilitator (RCF) couples to our listing. But in the meantime, we recommend that you take one of our Level One classes (RESOURCES/Online Classes), watch a video (RESOURCES/Videos), and/or download and read one of our book resources (Resources/Book Store).

     Current RCF List:  RCF LIST

Site Orientation Video:


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