The Four Gifts of Love® Class ...

a powerful foundation for revitalizing your marriage and deepening your relationship with God




Format Options:

1. ONLINE: Self-paced class, online curriculum plus check-ins with an FGL COACH.

2. FGL COACH-LED: Private or group class sessions via video conferencing using the print or e-book participant's guide.

Sample Video Session:

The following is a video session from the 7-lesson Four Gifts of Love® Class (FGL Coach-led format).  (Note: all video sessions have a closed-caption option.)

  (If you experience any breaks in video streaming, you can lower the video quality for faster uploading. Simply change setting/quality See the source image from AUTO to 360p or 240p by clicking and moving "Auto" to the left and selecting the lower setting.)

What's NEEDed for the ONLINE Class:

  • The Four Gifts of Love® Class Online subscription: 7 lessons of readings, quizzes, and questionnaire links (fillable-pdf), and session videos.
  • Complete about 2-3 hours of self-study online homework for each lesson per week for individual and couple assignments.
  • Complete the Class within 3 months.
  • Schedule up to 7 consecutive, weekly check-ins (about 15 minutes) with your FGL COACH. And no worries ... no private-couple information will be requested in the check-ins and correspondence with your FGL COACH.

What's NEEDed for the FGL COACH-LED Group or Private Class:

  • Four Gifts of Love Participant’s Guide: 7 lessons of readings, quizzes, and questionaires. (Purchase one print or ebook guide per person).
  • Complete about 2-3 hours of self-study homework for each lesson per week for individual and couple assignments.
  • Complete the Class within 3 months.
  • Schedule up to 8 consecutive, weekly Class sessions (approximately 1- to 1.5-hours per session) with your FGL COACH who will present the Four Gifts of Love® Class Companion Video. And no worries ... couples are not required to share private-couple information in the session.

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 Please Note:

  1. For all the options, your full willingness and ability to care, protect, be honest, and give time are NEEDed. This Class is marriage education and intended to help you learn and develop skills to create a Four Gifts of Love® lifestyle. It is not therapy or a replacement for therapy; thus, if you are currently experiencing untreated issues involving abuse, addiction, marital infidelity, and/or mental health, we respectfully and thoughtfully recommend that you first seek professional help to treat those issues as this course necessitates the full capacities of a husband and wife to care, protect, be honest, and give time to each other.
  2. The concepts and marriage philosophy used in this Class were originated by Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr., and have been used by millions across the world for nearly half a century. Our empirical research and anecdotal experience suggest that this Class is an effective marriage education for heterosexual couples. The Class does not have efficacy data for use with couples beyond the bounds of our research, competency, and experience.
  3. If you do not adhere to the beliefs presented in the faith-based material, with a Christ-centered orientation, those assignments may be skipped and you can complete the assignments related only to your marriage relationship.