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Gift of Care

Gift of Care

a reminder app for reviewing your spouse's top five emotional needs and specific behaviors that meet those needs.

Gift of Care

Gift of Protection

a reminder app for reviewing your own Love Busters and specific, alternative behaviors to replace the Love Buster.

Gift of Care

Gift of Honesty

offers help with honesty by using the phrase "I'd love it if (specific, desired behavior)" or "I love it when (specific, desired behavior)" or giving a rating of 1-5. Then a text can be sent to your spouse with that Gift of Honesty.

Gift of Care

Gift of Time

offers a tracking of daily, undivided attention time with your spouse. It also gives a history of time to see if you are meeting the goal of 15 hours per week together.


E2: Explore and Engage

E2 combines original-photographic images and thought-provoking questions about the images for couples to EXPLORE deeper and ENGAGE their conversation on a more intimate level.

Gift of Care

WHY? Four Gifts of Love®

When couples are first learning this Four Gifts of Love® lifestyle, there may be times of inner questioning, "WHY am I doing this new lifestyle?" For those times, this app offers motivational phrases to help you remember the MANY reasons WHY.

Let's Negotiate!

Let's Negotiate

Negotiation in marriage is especially important if spouses want to make thoughtful adjustments throughout life and avoid a lifestyle of maladjustment. Yet, for many, hearing the words, "Let's negotiate," can create feelings of worry or fear.


Four Gifts of Love® Class Assignment Planner

The Four Gifts of Love® Class Assignment Planner was created to help you schedule and keep track of assignment completion for either the online or group format.