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A personal story of restoration after taking the FGL class (3/27/23, English) 


Four couples from a Marriage Retreat share their experience with the FGL class. (10/14/2022, Philippines, Tagalog/English)  


Two couples from a Marriage Retreat share their experience with the FGL class. (11/12/2022, Philippines, English) 


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Claude and Fej - Claude and Fej Gomez (married 6 years, FGL graduates 4/23)

The class really helped upgrade our marriage in practical but intentially systematic ways. At first we thought we were alright [in our marriage] but the class exposed a lot of valuable issues that we just previously brushed off as seemingly insignificant. After having a kid and getting destracted by the daily grind, it was great to be reminded and refocus on the fundamentals.


Bj and Lai - BJ and Lai (married 7 years, FGL graduates 4/23)

FGL gave us practical tools to communicate clearly, especially when conversations become heated or sensitive issues and topics are touched. It's helped us see things from a different and respectful perspective, allowing us to build a more loving relationship.

The overall effect on our marriage is a sense of peace and security because any issue is workable and pitfalls are avoidable, and that being in love is not a flimsy, fluffy feeling but a deeply-rooted commitment to put each other's happiness first. And in so doing, marriage is not just hard work but pleasurable and God-honoring.


JM and Manilyn - JM and Manilyn Lapuz (married 3 years, FGL graduates 2020)

FGL is unlike any other regular marriage seminar out there. The Four Gifts of Love is different.

FGL is an 8-week program where you attend a one-and-a-half-hour class once a week. But what makes it really effective is the Four Gifts of Love Participant’s Guide, because every week, you’ll have “assignments” to accomplish before you attend the class [no personal information is shared in class]. And these assignments will keep you and your spouse accountable to your class facilitators… and to each other.

Once you’ve experienced the marriage-transforming (and marriage-saving!) potential of this course, you’ll definitely see how much of a blessing the Four Gifts of Love can be to you. It’s the reason why we call this program an “inter-generational game-changer.” And if you ask us, attending this program is one of the best decisions we've made in our entire life.